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my name is Andreas Witez and I'm a professional guitar player. I studied jazz/rock/pop music and play electric and acoustic guitar for 25 years.

Based on my experience as a live musician, session guitar player and guitar teacher I have a huge music repertoire and am equally at home playing different music styles: Rock, Pop, Metal, Funk, Blues and Jazz.

Here's why you can expect top-notch quality from me:

  • 15 years experience music production with the computer
    composer of royalty-free music, recording, mixing and producing of demo CDs for various bands
  • professional equipment
    Strat, Tele, Les Paul, SG, 335, James Tyler Variax (exotic sounds like: sitar, dobro, 12-string Rickenbacker, banjo, ...), handmade steelstring guitar, Bernabe concert guitar, Neumann mics, RME UCX audiointerface/preamps, Apple Mac Pro
  • I've been playing the guitar for 30 years
    for 25 years I've been interested in: guitars, tonewoods, singlecoils, humbucker, fuzzboxes, amps, effects, V30, Greenbacks, 4x12, Divided by 13 and 16 divided by 9

You can listen to audio demos on this page.

I'm looking forward to playing the guitar in your music project!

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Andreas Andreas Witez, musician & composer from Berlin, Germany
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