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Nebula and Guitar Cabinets

As a guitar player I'm constantly searching for a better guitar tone. In the real world (Amps, Stompboxes, ...) and in the virtual world (plugins).

With real amps and effect pedals it can become soon very expensive and you need at least a large room to store all the stuff. As I don't have both (too much money and a big room) I'm looking for a great guitar tone in the virtual space. There are many nice guitaramp simulations: free ones ( and of course commercial ones (Guitar Rig, Amplitube, Studio Devil, ...) While I think these amp sims are getting better and better and are already very usable in terms of tone, dynamics, feel I think the cabinet simulations are lacking something. Most plugins use an algorithm called Impulse response convolution. It is a static snapshot of the cabinets 'behaviour'.

And then came Nebula.


Nebula works differently. It captures the dynamic response and the harmonics. I don't know how it exactly works but I do know that it feels different better when you play it.

There are some guys who sampled guitar cabinets with Nebula (NAT):

(This is not a complete list)

Here are some audio demos:

Telecaster - Amplitube3 Marshall SL100 - AE M74 cab with a SM57 and a cab with a TLM103:

Telecaster - Amplitube3 Vox AC30 coppertop - Ownhammer Alnico Blue with a SM7B

Schecter Omen - Amplitube3 TubeScreamer - Studio Devil Dual Rectifier - AE Mesa Boogie 4x12 with SM57


This is how I configured it in Logic 9 to play two cabs at once.

You see that Sound Delay plugin there? Whith it you can 'move' the mic somehow and solve some phase issues.


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Andreas Andreas Witez, musician & composer from Berlin, Germany
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