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Behringer BCR2000 and Apple Logic 9

Here is a good way to use the Behringer BCR2000 with Apple Logic 9. It should basically work with all hosts that support the Mackie MCU protocol.

Here's a video of how it could look like:

Here's how it works:

Prepare the BCR2000

I made an overlay for it. You can download it here.


Print it on 2 DIN A4 sheets because it doesn't fit on one.

Load this Sysex file on the BCR with a program like Sysex Librarian. It automatically saves on preset 1. So make sure there's no other important preset.

This preset that I made is somewhat special: I wanted to use all buttons on the BCR and also the preset switch buttons. So here's what I did: when you turn on the BCR it starts with preset 2 and you can use all buttons as usual. When you select preset 1 you're 'locked' in that preset and the switch buttons don't work like that anymore. If you want to go to a different preset just turn it off and on and go from preset 2.

OK, now the software

Install LC Xmu from OpusLocus. You have to buy it when you want to use it. But it's worth it every penny (IMHO). In the manual you can read how to set up a BCR.

Then load this map file into Xmu:

Now set up a Logic Control in Logic and choose 'LC Xmu 1 (Logic)' as the Midi in and out.

Now you should be ready to go!

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