Amp Sim comparison: British Crunch

I wanted to know how my different amp sim plugins sound in direct comparison: I have Amplitube 3 and 4 from IK Multimedia, Guitar Rig 5 from Native Instruments and the VGA2 from Studio Devil.

IKM ARC and ARC2: Measurements

Recently I bought the upgrade to the new version of IK Multimedia ARC. They say it has better resolution in the bass area. I wanted to find out if this is really true, so I did some measurements with REW before and after ARC2.

Line6 JTV-69 and Variax 500 Comparison

I compared the modeling sounds of the JTV-69 and the Variax 500(Strat, Les Paul) with the magnetic pickups and the acoustic guitarmodels of the 8 year old Variax 500 with the new James TylerVariax:

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Andreas Andreas Witez, Musiker & Komponist aus Berlin
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