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Hi, I am Andreas Witez, guitarist and composer from Berlin, Germany.

I produce High Quality Royalty Free Music (a.k.a. Stock Music, Production Music, Background Music) that you can use in your Video, Website and other Projects.

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Blue Keys

A powerful blues-rock song played by electric guitars, organ, bass and drums.

Pink Ukulele

A happy and uplifting tune with drums, bass, acoustic guitars, strings and, jep, a pink ukulele!

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My music was used

Classic Rock Opener

was used in this corporate video by SmartCEO:

Classical Guitar Ballad

was used in this video by TAD Disability Services:

Blue Keys

was used in this video by GK Visual


Sometimes you initiate the flow, sometimes you feed the flow, sometimes you follow the flow.

That beautiful flow of mind.

A guitar don't lie.

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Andreas Andreas Witez, musician & composer from Berlin, Germany
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