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Hi, I am Andreas Witez, guitarist and composer from Berlin, Germany.

I produce High Quality Royalty Free Music (a.k.a. Stock Music, Production Music, Background Music) that you can use in your Video, Website and other Projects.

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Blue Keys

A powerful blues-rock song played by electric guitars, organ, bass and drums.

Pink Ukulele

A happy and uplifting tune with drums, bass, acoustic guitars, strings and, jep, a pink ukulele!

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My music was used

Classic Rock Opener

was used in this corporate video by SmartCEO

Blue Keys

was used in this video by GK Visual

Classical Guitar Ballad

was used in this video by TAD Disability Services


Sometimes you initiate the flow, sometimes you feed the flow, sometimes you follow the flow.

That beautiful flow of mind.

A guitar don't lie.

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Andreas Andreas Witez, musician & composer from Berlin, Germany
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